Cyber Tiger will identify and establish the best economic outcome to difficult functional and IT management challenges facing executives and senior IT executives.  Our solutions are vendor agnostic and sourced from our broad network spanning the C-suite to functional IT managers. We work with you to set strategy, identify the appropriate steps to transform your IT Infrastructure, integrate best in class technologies to ensure your meeting your stated goals.  We implement emerging data center technologies, including fully managed Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Cyber Tigers’ Technology Roadmap Services help you develop short and long range plans, enabling you to meet and exceed your key business objectives. We provide discovery, planning and design assessments for virtually every functional area across your IT infrastructure.  Our assessments do not disturb the day to day business operations while delivering optimal total cost of ownership (TCO).  In particular, our Technology Roadmap Services offer:

Extensive Architectural & Product Expertise

Leveraging best practice and discovery methodologies, Cyber Tiger will plan and design a comprehensive IT infrastructure roadmap. The process involves a technology discovery assessment based on your company’s current and future objectives. Cyber Tiger will design the optimal technology roadmap and lead your organization through the challenges of implementation, ensuring service delivery, governance and a fully managed service is delivered to the workforce.  Cyber Tigers’ Technology Roadmap Services can be tailored to the exact needs and technical requirements of your unique project. Our Roadmap Services include:

Discovery Assessment

Perform a discovery assessment and identity the process to reduce costs, increase computing capacity and performance and improve reliability and uptime.

  • Conduct discovery on current IT environment
  • Evaluate technology requirements based on business needs
  • Develop Road Map
  • Implement and Manage service delivery and governance

Technology Refresh and Consolidation Assessment

Evaluate current IT infrastructure then plan and design a technology roadmap to refresh and consolidate; reduce ongoing maintenance and energy costs, increase computing capacity and performance, and improve reliability and uptime.

  • Conduct discovery of IT inventory and document current environment
  • Design Road Map including leveraging hybrid cloud and outsourced opex solutions
  • Implement and manage project

IT Transformation Assessment

Implement best in class Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud architectures and technologies to increase agility, scale and lower costs.

  • Discover – all applications and related assets in current IT environment
  • Plan –  develop a comprehensive cloud adoption plan.  Our experts develop a application, server, network and security interdependency models
  • Design – an optimal IT infrastructure platform based on interdependency models
  • Implement  execute formal migration plan and project management
  • Manage – support new IT infrastructure platform with complete suite of Managed Services & Security.