Cyber Tiger Provides Medical IT Services With A Prognosis For Success

In today’s highly regulated healthcare environment you need IT Services that promote the highest level of security and reliability.  Cyber Tiger Technologies provides the Healthcare IT Services you need to provide safe and effective healthcare services while containing your IT costs.

With Cyber Tiger You’ll Benefit From A High-Functioning IT System That:Health IT

  • Ensures the security of your electronic health records.
  • Provides your staff the accessibility they need to work securely from wherever they are.
  • Increases your productivity and efficiencies.
  • Provides cost savings.
  • Reduces patient errors and improves delivery of services.

As a health professional you face many challenges each day. Technology issues shouldn’t be one of them.  You need an IT provider like Cyber Tiger who understands your daily requirements and knows how to meet them.

We Offer:

  • Consulting services, network design, software integration and implementation.
  • HIPAA/HITECH Risk Assessments to ensure your IT operations are compliant with current guidelines.
  • Mobile Device Management so your employees can work securely from their personal devices.
  • Secure communications so your patients can communicate with you confidentially.
  • Secure file sharing for enhanced team collaborations.
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions to you can stay up and running no matter the situation.
  • Security and protection against hacking, viruses and data breaches.