The Benefits Of A Fully Managed Data Backup

Do you sometimes worry that your data isn’t being backed up properly?  In today’s technology-driven world, you can’t afford to wonder.  The loss of one backup could mean the loss of thousands of dollars, or more. And in some cases, backups are lost forever, and could result in the complete shutdown of your operations and your business.

With Fully Managed Backups from Cyber Tiger Technologies, you won’t have to worry about your data.  We ensure it is automatically backed up throughout each day, and stored safely and securely in offsite data centers so you can access them whenever, wherever.

“75% of small and midsize businesses rank data loss as their most significant risk.”—Applied Research

Cyber Tigers’ Fully Managed Data Backup Solution Provides:

  • Total Peace of Mind knowing your data is always secure and available.  We provide you with regular reports so you know your data is backed up safely. Plus we monitor your system to ensure backups are always working.
  • Reduced Costs. You will never have to perform backups.  This saves you time, storage space, hardware and software costs, network traffic and workloads of your servers.
  • The Ability to Recover All of your Files, even older versions. You can recover your data from any point and any time, whether it’s just one file or a full restore.
  • Business Continuity, so you can get back up and running after a downtime, and stay up and running during a power outage or other disaster.
  • Disaster Recovery, because your data is stored offsite, you can access your data from remote locations even if your office is shut down.
  • Increased Productivity. With secure file sharing capabilities, your staff can share and edit documents when out of the office, traveling, or at home.
  • Compliance With Regulatory Entities.  Many government and other regulatory entities now mandate that confidential and proprietary data be backed up securely in offsite, high-security data centers. Our Managed Backup Solution ensures your compliance.