Cyber Tiger partners with the highest level of data center reliability and maintainability. Our partners facilities are at the top of the certified and compliant facilities within the United States. Our clients benefit because this organization owns its entire service delivery structure from the ground-up: fiber networks, data centers, equipment and staff.

Cyber Tiger embraces the highest operational standards and enhances the state-of-the art. These facilities have numerous patents and pending patents in the areas of high efficiency data center power, reliability and green energy and cooling. No other data center provider can has the same depth of knowledge and ownership of their infrastructure.

Our rich, robust connectivity options are an inherent part of our data center services and will provide an integrated service with an integrated SLA.

By virtue of the fault-tolerant DWDM network, our data centers are connected at up to wavelength (10/100Gb/s) levels with hundreds of carriers in Washington DC, Baltimore MD and Northern Virginia. The many benefits of this level of integrated ownership include more rapid problem resolution, price stability for long term contracts, and our ability to move rapidly to adjust to changing market and operational needs and conditions.

We offer sub-cabinet to cage co-location, as well as suite and wholesale-level data center space. We can deliver both secure and non-secure facilities from partial rack space to thousands of square feet.

Cyber Tigers’ experience, operational approach, and high degree of solution integration, make the ideal partner for your data center needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach to data center solutions for: Power, Cooling, Connectivity, Security and Management, Fire Suppression, Flood Plains, Professional Services or our Data Center Facility Locations.