We provide secure, cloud-based solutions that provide organizations the necessary cornerstones for privacy and security management programs. With our platform, you help members protect their information assets while meeting all legally required security and privacy needs.

Our Compliance Platform Includes:

  1. Security and Privacy Management
  2. Policies Procedures and Forms
  3. Third Party / Vendor Management
  4. Training and Awareness
  5. Breach Response and Management
  6. Employee Tasks and Asset Management
  7. Risk Management Automation
Compliance Platform

Information Security and Privacy Management

Centralized privacy and security management is the hallmark of sound compliance. Our platform provides users with more than 25 tools designed to manage all legally required areas of information security and privacy compliance. The compliance portal centralizes all information security and privacy management to enable those responsible a one-stop location for managing their entire program, to help ensure important requirements do not get overlooked.

Policies & Procedures

Our platform comes with a full set of information security, privacy and breach response policies and procedures that can be customized by your “[Association or Organization]. Each policy and procedure is customizable, and the platform system tracks all changes and access so a complete history is available to users, administrators, auditors and regulatory examiners. A large library of customizable forms to support the policies and procedures is also part of this feature. [Associations or Organization] can also load their own policies, procedures and forms into the Compliance platform.

Risk Management Automation

Users receive detailed and accurate risk and compliance reports complete with findings and recommendations immediately upon finishing the assessments. Interactive corrective action plan (CAP) management with progress reporting is incorporated into the report. At-a-glance progress graphs are provided for in-depth assessments.

Our automated risk management and audit tools include:  Information Security Risk Assessments, Security Risk Level Evaluations, Privacy Level Evaluations, Compliance Audits, Gap Analysis.

Training & Awareness

Our platform includes an always expanding library of information security and privacy training courses along with awareness reminders. In addition, the library offers information security and privacy news that can be distributed to employees. Users participate in courses, take tests and receive completion certificates. Per employee, per training module and overall training reports are provided to administrators for review. Our clients can also upload their own training modules, for any topic, into the portal, along with accompanying quizzes, to centralize all training and awareness activities throughout their organizations.

Third Party / Vendor Oversight

Our solutions includes a vendor management platform, Tracker, consolidates all vendor information and oversight activities in one place. Simple to use, the platform allows users to create and coordinate assessments, securely store documents and complete or assign tasks.

And Much More…


Our Compliance Platform comes with more than 25 security, privacy and compliance tools designed to keep your members safe and in compliance with multiple legal requirements. Let us show you around the platform. We can’t wait to give you a tour!